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What’s in my vacation beauty bag?

2013 June 8
Posted by Scarlett

I will have a 7-day vacation in Boracay, Philippines which is a small island with beautiful beaches!!! So I will not bring a lot of makeups as I will spend most of the time on the beach and I don’t want to wear too much makeup under the sun. I separate my makeup and skincare products in two different bags and put them together into one beauty bag.

1. I try not to bring all the products that I usually use but I don’t want to sacrifice my skin, so I pack products in travel size as much as possible and all of them are to moisturize my skin. (Tip: If you buy new products for a trip, try the products at home before packing, you might break out with those products)

  • I have L’occitane Organic Angelica water and Essential Oil collectionwith me to clean my face day and night: cleansing gel, toner and face lotion(for night time).
  • For daytime, I bring my favorite Apivita Aqua Vita moisturizer with SPF 10.
  • And I also pack L’occitane Precious eye balm that I am going to finish soon.
  • And Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum in travel size that helps me to hydrate my skin after being under the sun for long time.
  • Lastly, I bring a pack of makeup remove swipes by Neutrogena that I can easily remove makeup.

2. For makeup, I really don’t bring a lot, just some basic stuffs. As I will not wear any makeup to the beach, I only use them after beach when I walk around the island, dinner or might be for a drink at night.

  • I will choose concealer over foundation or tinted moisturizer. I would need Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer and MAC select moisture cover to conceal my serious under eye circles and some acne scars.
  • Then I would set it with Chanel Universal Translucent powder and to get rid of any shine in my T-zone.
  • For eyes, I don’t do much of it, just with eyeliner and mascara. My favorite one is the Dolly wing liquid eyeliner, but I also bring Maybelline master liner when I want to do it on the waterline. And the mascara is the Fairy Drop waterproof mascara. I also bring a cream eyeshadow for night out, it is Rubenesque by MAC.
  • For cheeks, I bring blush in cream form as well as it lasts longer in the heat and sweat. I bring Benefit Fine One One and Maybelline Jelly Blush.
  • For lips, a lipbalm with SPF is very important, so I have Carmex protecting lipbalm with SPF 15 in the bag. I don’t like to wear lipsticks or lipgloss, but just in case I want a wash of color on my lips, I bring MAC Hibiscus which is bright coral orange color and Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Petal for a subtle pinky lips.

What’s in my vacation toiletry bag? Body edition

2013 June 2
Posted by Scarlett

Less than 10 days, I will be in Boracay for vacation, finally!! It’s been almost a year since I had the last vacation in Europe. I am really excited!

I like to organize my stuff in category and put them into different bags. I find it easier to pack and look for it when I am in the hotel. The photo above is the body products that I am going to bring to Boracay with me.

There are three bags in total: One is for shower, one is after shower and sunscreen, the last one is with female products.

1. I bring all products in travel size. For shower, I have the Dove Beauty Nourishing Body Wash and the small bottle that I got from Sheraton when I stayed there before. For hair, both shampoo and conditioner are from Dove Nourishing Oil care line. And the other small bottle is a cleansing gel for intimate use from Apivita. As I will go the beach and swim a lot, I want to take extra care of myself.

2. The larger bag is for putting my Hawaiian Tropic tanning lotion in SPF 6, you gotta take sunscreen, girls! And also for my Vaseline body lotion. I need a good one to hydrate my body after exposing under the sun and this is aloe vera which is good for you if you get sunburnt and it is great to keep the tan last longer. And with my razor.

3. The last pink bag is nothing interesting to show what’s inside, just female products in case it decides to visit me, if I am unlucky.

A beauty bag will be shared in this week, stay tuned!

June 2012 Favorites!

2012 July 11
Posted by Scarlett

Sorry for the delay June Favorites!  I’ve been really busy this month since I changed a new job. I need to pick up new things, get to know everyone, that’s why I don’t have time to write anything or do any shopping to do a review. My favorites of this month is what I’ve been using a lot to work and events. For non-beauty favorites, I don’t have too much because I am busy, but I have a new fun TV show to recommend!

1. Beauty Favorites

From left: Bourjois Healthy mix concealer, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Redhead, Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre, Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow in Decadent

  • I’ve been loving this Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer so much lately as it is the best concealer I’ve tried so far! It can conceal serious breakout and acnes with no problem, and also good to conceal my undereye dark circles. It might be a little bit dry and thick for eye areas but it isn’t cakey at all. And this concealer has great lasting power too!
  • Next I love so much lately is MAC Redhead Mineralize Skinfinish which comes from a limited collection. I use it as blush and highlighter at the same time. I love to swirl a blush brush on 3 pinky colors on the right to create a glowy peachy pink on my cheeks, and use the left hightlighted color on the cheekbones. This makes my skin looks so glowy and healthy. Even though it is shimmery, I found it does just right on the cheeks and doesn’t make me look like a discoball.
  • I have dry skin in general, but I do get a tiny bit oily on the T-zone area during summer time. So I do powder my skin in summer, I am using Chanel loose powder as I love how loose powder looks so natural on my skin and I love Chanel foundation. This is really expensive but it gives a very natural-looking finish and it has a great smell too!
  • The last product is this Revlon eyeshadow quad in Decadent which I made a review. This quad can be used in day and night look which is very handy and affordable. It has shimmery eyeshadow for hightlight and lid, and a matte color for the crease.

2. Favorite TV Show: Girls

Season one of Girls had finished in June and I’m so looking forward to the next season! This is a show talking about four 20-something girls’ lives with crazy party scenes, complicated relationships, boring job, etc. Some people think it as a younger version of Sex and the City but I don’t agree. This show is more than just fashion, sex and love life. As a 20-something girl, I can relate to the characters in this show and I am still exploring myself. If you are also 20-something, this show is for you too.

Summer 2012 Reading List

2012 June 16
Posted by Scarlett

I found myself very lazy on writing any post besides the beauty and fashion topics here, so I decided to share some summer fun list today! First, I will start with a Reading List that I think it would be fun and interesting for summer, either in holidays, at the beach, or just stay-in reading. All the books included are those I have read or I am reading right now, so if you want to ask for a review or a book discussion, feel free to leave your comments, and share your reading list to us!

1. The Host by Stephenie Meyer

I never thought that I would love this book and became my favorite because I don’t like the Twilight at all(I didn’t read the series but watched the movies, don’t like the storyline) and I thought Stephenie Meyer can only write boring love-triangle stuff. I was wrong, this book has very interesting storyline(no Vampires, Yay!) and it keeps me reading for more and more and I have a crush on the character Ian O’Shea, after Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games. I am crazy about THG but the last book Mockingjay develops very slow and it’s not interesting as the first book. I think I love this one more than THG series! This book is also mentioned in my May Favorites, so if you want to know more about the story, you can go checking out. I highly recommend this one to everyone as once you read it, you just can’t put it down!


2. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Followed by The Host, I really like The Hunger Games trilogy. Most of you might have already read it and even watched the movie. If you haven’t, go for this series! Trust me, you won’t get bored reading this and it can entertain you in the summer. Even though the last book did disappoint me a little bit, the series is very well written and interesting overall, especially the first book, I could never read that fast to rush to the ending. I suggest to read the books first then watch the movies, it just gives more details and you will enjoy the movie much more after reading it. You can watch the trailer here if you want to know about the story.


3. Uglies series by Scott Westerfield

I just started reading this series a few days ago and I like it so far. Many people recommend to read it after THG. Both are starting in a future dystopian world. In the first book of the series, it described that all ‘uglies’ will turn into ‘pretties’ when they are sixteen. The society will give people surgery to become pretty and this is the only way how people get accepted. I will not say more because I haven’t finished the book and don’t want to give any spoiler. So far, I found the story is very fun and mysterious that makes me want to keep reading. If you like dystopian story and young-adult fiction, the series would be for you.


4. The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Caroline Meckler

All books I have talked above are more futuristic, science fiction, which is one of my favorite genre to read. But from book to book, I like to have some easy, fast-paced fun book to transit. The Future of Us is one of those good books. It is a collaborated book by two authors, Jay Asher and Caroline Meckler, so you will get two different views of writing in this book which is very unique to me. And both write it so easy and the conversation between characters is hilarious. I think this book would be a nice choice to read at the beach or to spend an afternoon with.


5. One Day by David Nicholls

The last book I recommend here is an adult romance novel. I guess most of you have heard about it either from book or movie. It was played by Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturguess. To be honest, it is not my favorite book, yet I really like it and enjoy reading it. I love the story and how the author moves forward the plot that won’t make it boring and cheesy. This is the book that reflects real life and move my emotion. I did cried a few times in different chapter, and again in the movie scene. If you are interested in the story, I would highly recommend you to go for the book and forget about the movie. It is not crappy but just can’t be compared to the book. After reading it, you can go on for the movie and you will agree with me.


I hope this post is interesting to you! And don’t forget to share your favorite books to us in the comments!

Review: MAC Hey, Sailor! Jaunty Eyeshadow

2012 June 9
Posted by Scarlett

When the promo pictures came out, I was pretty excited of this collection; however, my excitement turned to disappointment when I read the reviews. I thought this summer collection would have lots of fun color eyeshadow and lovely blushers, but it is just another boring collection with only 1-2 bright colors. So I ended up buying only one eyeshadow in my short visit at MAC.

The packaging is very cute with the sailor stripes


The eyeshadow I got is Jaunty, which is a beige color in a frost finish. I know it’s just a neutral color with nothing special, but that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for quite a while. I love wearing neutrals, and I like how nude it shows up, almost invisible but with a beautiful sheen on my lids. Jaunty is the perfect eyeshadow for this kind of look to me so far. As I am Asian, it’s not easy to find a color closes to my skintone and look beautifully, I am glad that I found it!

Well, back to the eyeshadow itself, it has the smoothest texture that goes on my lids easily and blend vey nicely. And with the frost finish, it has subtle shimmer but turns out to be a pretty sheen on the eyes, and it barely falls out! I am satisfied with the pigmentation as well, don’t expect it is very pigmented, it is a light color after all.

It was taken under the natural sunlight


Even though it is just a neutral color, I would say it’s not like any other MAC eyeshadow and it’s a limited collection. If you love neutrals and want to build up your selection, go for this one! It is my new love for the moment! It is sold at HKD150 (around USD19)